The Songlines

Living Daylight

Tony Lindsay: vocals
Kit Walker: keyboards, synthesizers,
Michael Spiro: percussion
Terry Miller: bass
David Garibaldi: drums

recorded by Kit, David Owen
mixed by Tom Size

The Songlines (lyric: Kit Walker)

I dreamed I found a great river
hunting animals
but as I crossed I became
a hunter of my soul

the current took my heart with it
over waterfalls
and in the sudden silence
I stepped across the threshold

in primal mind
civilization unwinds
the painted feathers fall
the signs along the songlines

along the songlines
away through the dreamtime
memory pales and
we pass through the veils

along the songlines
the travelers from all time
the waters subside
as we cross to the other side

The highway back to town faded
from my memory
I even drew a blank on
the reason why I came

But then I heard a voice singing
! indescribable!
a voice so clear it cried in
the call of every creature

music will play automatically
close window to stop music