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"know thyself" Oracle at Delphi

I have been involved in both astrology and I Ching as a daily practice for more than 40 years now. In this course of time I have grown into a new way of seeing astrology, which i am calling Zero Point Astrology, which is a kind of non-dual version of it. Through remaining in the zero point, symbolized by the very center of the chart, we find that slowly but surely, the approach to astrology changes from our being at the affect of the planets, to actually using these energies for making optimal decisions in the here and now. Even beyond the idea of not being affected by the planets, we learn to be able to work through them, in conjunction with assistance from the elementals, and we begin to be able to navigate any configuration without stress and, indeed, change the world around us. Of course this depends on our ability to remain at zero point, which is a stance of absolute non reactivity in which all opposites resolve.

Our birth chart then becomes a picture of our harmonic, with out any good or bad labels, free of cause and effect. Much like the sound of a bell, which contains many complex harmonics, the chart shows our unique harmonic signature, and can be very helpful in showing us our way in the new territory of the post awakening.

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The I Ching is another ancient teaching and oracular game that i have spent much time with. The 64 hexagrams are also like harmonics, and correlate with the 64 codons of DNA. The relatively new science of Human Design is a beautiful synthesis of astrology and the I Ching, which sheds a whole new light on both. It could be considered the operating manual for your unique vehicle here on this planet. In Human Design also, you have a "body graph" which is also a unique chart that gives additional insights into your unique expression here. I have found all three of these tools very helpful in understanding people and situations. They also have fascinating connections to music.

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